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Global Green Guide: Five great, green online shops to visit on Cyber Monday

One of the best ways for shoppers to reduce their carbon footprint is to shop online in the comfort of their own homes. Cyber Monday (tomorrow) signifies the start of the online shopping season for holiday purchases in the United States, and it’s a trend that should be embraced for the sake of the environment.

Go the extra mile on Cyber Monday this year, and shop for eco-friendly products to give as gifts at some of these great green shops. Each of the stores featured below deal exclusively in green products, and focus on the sale of different niche items.

1. One stop green shopping: The Green Store

The Green Store is a catch-all store that features a bevy of products made from natural materials that have a minimal ecological impact. The Green Store is like the big-box store for green products, since it features everything from jewelry to household cleaning products and home decor. The items featured at The Green Store are recycled, made from natural products, and inform consumers about environmental issues with full disclosure.

2. Shopping for the eco-fashionista: Ecoist 

Ecoist is a green fashion company that proves one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Their trendy fashion accessories are made from recycled candy wrappers, labels and other items that are salvaged from harmful decomposition in landfills. All green fashion items available are stylish, chic and fun!

3. Green gadget shopping: The Green Tech Shop

For those gadget lovers looking to make their lives a little bit greener one electronic at a time, there’s the Green Tech Shop. They’re offering free shipping on orders over $50 right on time for Cyber Monday! Other online stores do offer sections that include green gadgets, but the Green Tech Shop is one of the few that have chosen green gadgets as its sole focus.

4. Shoppng for home decor : Green Furniture compiles green furniture and home decor products to make shopping for eco-conscious products that much easier. Thye offer items for every room in the house, made from sustainable and recycled materials that are manufactured in ways that reduce their impact.

5. Going green for furry friends: Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store puts together sustainable, organic and non-toxic pet products in one shopping environment. Pet lovers can gift green goods to their furry friends over the holidays after a little bit of Cyber Monday shopping.

Note: The Global Green Guide will return on Friday. This special feature on a special day was posted in honor of Cyber Monday; America’s day of online shopping frenzy.