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Climate change awareness encouraged through fashion

CO2 reduction is a global goal, but there are times that the presence of atmospheric carbon can have a, say, beautifying effect.

A new innovative dress changes its design dependent upon the levels of CO2 in the surrounding environment. The higher the CO2 levels, the prettier the dress becomes.

The Climate Dress, as it has been dubbed, was designed in collaboration with the (Diffus) Alexandra Institute, the Danish Design School and embroidery company Forster Rohner. While its visual appeal relies upon high levels of CO2 to trigger the LED lights contained in the design; the goal was not to make light of climate change.
By creating a dress that demonstrates the prevalence of CO2, the designers’ goal was to raise awareness and discourse about the effects of climate change. Unique initiatives like this one grab the attention of those who may not be categorical environmentalists.
(Image Courtesty Diffus: Alexandra Institute)