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Energy Star program brings positives and negatives

Energy Star appliances are the new trend. Home appliances that meet the criteria receive a sticker that boast their energy-efficiency and cost savings. Unfortunately, the system that tracks whether products deserve the rating is not entirely effective.

An audit completed late in 2009 indicated that manufacturers are using Energy Star stickers on unqualified products. This means that consumers need to be diligent in their research to determine if products are more energy-efficient.

Even those that are correctly Energy Star certified can be deceiving. Many products will only reduce consumption if you use a specified cycle or setting on the machine, and this is rarely clearly disclosed on product labels.

The Energy Star program isn’t entirely a flop. Those willing to invest a little bit more when purchasing electronics and appliances will notice a decline in their electricity and gas bills. However, it is also possible to attain a similar effect by making modifications in usage of standard home appliances.

With better moderation, and more affordable home appliances, Energy Star could increase their positive environmental impact further.

(Image Courtesy Energy Star)