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Global Green Guide: Unique projects promote environmentalism

Not everyone is your stereotypical “granola” environmentalist. For some, it takes a unique and personalized effort to pique their environmental interest. For today’s Global Green Guide feature, here are some of the innovative environmental outreach programs that have helped convert the masses.

1. One Million Acts of Green

Using this site, people can create individual pages to track how they’re improving their environmental footprint. Every time one submits an “act of green” that he or she has completed, it is also published on the homepage for others to see. Tracked progress is a great way to keep people motivated to make small changes.

2. Cross-County Trip of Algae Biofuel Vehicle

The Veggie Van Organization’s algae biofuel vehicle made a cross-country trip back in 2009. Although this wasn't the first car to use this organic fuel source, it made headlines, which introduced the world to the concept and gave car fanatics an alternative vehicle option.

3. Environmental Issues in the Movies

The movie Avatar addressed the implications of mining among other environmental issues — something that made the average movie-goer stop and think. Hidden messages in movies aren't a new concept, but we are now seeing these messages have an increasingly environmental focus. Movies attract audiences for other reasons, and send viewers home more environmentally aware.

4. Environmental Fashion

Not everyone is into Birkenstocks and hemp, but a Climate Dress that changes colors when there are higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere? Now, that's an idea that would attract any fashion lover. The Climate Dress was created by chemists in the U.K.