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Haiti’s earthquake creates long-lasting environmental issues

Haiti is devastated following the massive earthquake that hit last week. While the world is scrambling to provide disaster relief to help the nation’s people survive today, others are worried about the effects it will bring tomorrow.

Haiti’s future will remain uncertain due to detrimental environmental effects caused by the natural disaster.

Prior to the earthquake, resources like clean drinking water were already scarce in Haiti and availability has now been compromised further. Contamination of natural water sources is an effect likely to remain long-term, risking health issues such as e-coli poisoning and cholera.

Additionally, Haiti’s small agricultural industry will be affected due to the displacement of nutrient-rich topsoil. This will harm their industry and the population’s access to healthy, locally grown produce.

Haiti has far bigger problems  to deal with today and unfortunately, their struggles are likely to continue long after healthcare has been provided to survivors, and the nation’s infrastructure has been re-established.

Donate and do what you can to help this devastated nation to survive, but remember, even once things have visually improved in the nation they aren't to be forgotten about. Some of the environmental devastation caused might not be so evident, but the environmental harm will compromise the quality of life of survivors for years.