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YikeBike: E-bicycle of the future


Bikes are an increasingly popular form of transportation for urban commuters in North America and Europe. The good news is that bikes reduce traffic congestion and emissions output. The bad news, for some who commute by bike, is that you work up quite a sweat from physically powering your own vehicle and then arrive at work needing a shower. Enter the electric bike trend.
While there are some innovative electric bikes that do the bulk of the work for riders, they can be cumbersome and create a parking and storage issue. A new design called the YikeBike is more compact and folds down for indoor storage.
The YikeBike strays from a typical e-bike design, which usually resembles a standard road bike. YikeBike commuters sit upright and the handlebars are located right next to the seat. It feels different and its look is sure to attract attention as well, since it resembles a unicycle with a large front wheel and tiny back wheel placed to fight the laws of gravity.
If the YikeBike's futuristic design doesn't strike your fancy, stay tuned to the Global Green Guide this Friday, when we will be featuring eco-friendly commuter bike programs from around the world.
(Image courtesy YikeBike)