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Vancouver 2010 Olympics recognized for environmental progress

With every Olympic Games, it’s inevitable that protests are staged due to the financial costs and the perceived costs to the environment. This has been no exception with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, but environmental experts have acknowledged that Vancouver has kept ecological progress in mind.

The David Suzuki Foundation has been keeping tabs on the progress of the Vancouver Olympics to ensure that the environmental impact is as minimal as possible. The environmental advocacy program says that the focus should be on smart choices with development, not abstaining from all activities that could have some environmental toll altogether.

While monitoring Vancouver’s initiatives, the David Suzuki Foundation says that the Canadian city’s Olympic developments have kept energy-efficiency and carbon offset in mind. Venues and transportation have made the Vancouver Olympics more environmentally friendly than past cities and countries that have hosted the event.

Progress is definitely occurring in Vancouver, but one key element has only earned them a Bronze metal rating from the David Suzuki Foundation. Addressing the need to offset visitor travel would take them into the Gold.