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Money persuades Americans to embrace green gadgets

This week the Greener Gadget Conference took place in New York City, and while innovative products were unveiled and plans for making the world of electronics a little greener discussed, a new survey says consumers might not care enough.

(Image Courtesy Retrevo)
This doesn’t come as a big surprise. If you’ve been following the Global Green Blog, then you know I’m a strong believer that more people would make green choices if they were more attainable to them. Whether it’s convenience, expense, or other factors that dissuade people from buying green, it’s just not always a priority.
A survey released by Retrevo, a consumer electronics review site supports this ideology. Fifty-six percent of people who responded to the survey said they could be persuaded to make environmentally-friendly choices with tax rebates and cash incentives. Forty percent of people also acknowledged that they know how to make sustainable choices, but often choose not to.
The good news is that this survey also indicates that there is still a minority group of people, which is likely growing, who are focused upon making environmental choices. But for the rest, it might take the implementation of laws or monetary incentives to make them embrace a sustainable lifestyle.
What do you think about these results? Are you surprised? Disappointed? Tell us!