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Will compressed air run the cars of the future?

Green vehicle options are about to reach new levels in the United States. While electric, hybrid and biofuel-powered vehicles have dominated the ecological transportation industry to date, that’s all about to change. A new line of vehicles is set to hit the marketplace, and they run on a resource that’s neither harmful nor depleting.

Clean air might be hard to come by in many urban centers, but the resource itself is not in short supply. Which is why the Zero-Pollution MDI Air Car is sure to give other green vehicles a run for its money when it enters the North American marketplace this year, as scheduled.
There will be two versions of the Air Car developed by France’s Moteur Development International and manufactured by India’s Tata Motors. One will be an efficient three-seater commuter car, and the other a larger five-seater sedan. Both models will run on compressed air and like EVs, will need to be charged in order to produce the compressed air that powers them.
Compressed air is an ideal solution as it is emission-free. This might also be the case with some biofuels like algae, but there is another significant difference: While there have been debates about the potential environmental implications of algae-growth; compressed air is self-producing in the motors of these unique vehicles once plugged in.
The other thing that is sure to make the Air Car popular with consumers looking to make a green change is the price. Cost can make or break a driver’s decision to go green with their driving, and these vehicles will retail for under $20K US!
 (Image Courtesy: MDI)