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Green jobs thrive despite the economy

As much of the world tries to change their personal habits to decrease their environmental impact, the careers of individuals often increases their carbon footprint. Even environmental advocates need to pay the bills and in a suffering economy, they can’t be too picky about job opportunities.

Fortunately, there are green jobs available and they’re a segment of the job market that doesn’t seem to be suffering with the state of the economy. Those hoping to work with companies like Google that abide by environmental principles to reduce their ecological impact may have such an opportunity by using a green recruitment firm. placed 2,000 job seekers during the month of January at some of the United States' leading businesses that think green. With 20 million unemployed Americans, this makes a small dent in improving the situation and also proves that the world of green industry might still be thriving.

Those hoping to make a move to a more environmentally responsible career don’t need to settle when there might be opportunity to go green at home and at work.