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Global water shortages brought to light by World Water Day

Water shortages affect human populations everywhere. Countires in Asia, the Arab world, Africa and elsewhere, struggle with access to clean water sources.

In Peru, resourceful individuals have come up with a solution that allows them to use water for basic luxuries like bathing, cooking and irrigation.

Since Limo, Peru gets very limited amounts of rain every year they rely primarily upon glacial runoff for their water supply. Half of the residents in rural areas nearby do not have access to clean drinking water or flushing toilets. Those that do only have water because they pay for tap water or the delivery of water barrels which only the more affluent can afford.

Lima has a substantial amount of fog coverage coming off the Pacific Ocean. Water is in the air but not in usable form, so residents started using nets to harvest the moisture. They capture the fog and slowly filter it into drainage pipes that store local water. The region thus gets access to more water, but the amount of effort residents are expending proves that we’re a world in crisis when it comes to water.

March 22 has been declared World Water Day by the United Nations. It’s time that those of us who have water at our fingertips recognize that we’re fortunate. With greater global awareness on the issue, we can create a greater push for a solution.