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Pak's Gilani's unfortunate choice of words

"We will react like a responsible country and as I said, if they (India) have some evidence or identify that Pakistani soil was used by any terrorist, we will conduct an inquiry and investigation," said Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, according to Press Trust of India.  

If that's an accurate quote, it's pretty unfortunate syntax — perhaps verging on a Freudian slip.  To paraphrase: Pakistan won't act like a responsible country and launch an investigation into possible terrorist training camps operating on its soil until it gets proof from India.

Does Gilani really mean that Pakistan will do nothing on its own except wait for India to provide proof, and then poke holes in it? The official line is that whoever perpetrated the attack on Mumbai were "non-state actors" — i.e. criminals, whatever their nationality and base of operations.  So one might hope (perhaps naively) that Pakistan would at least make a show of conducting its own search for proof.