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India's pleased with Obama's early moves

High expectations.  That was the phrase that most pundits used to describe the biggest challenge that Obama will face in the early days of his presidency.  But so far, at least where India is concerned, he's nailed it.  In his very first day in office, as Indians see it, he told Pakistan that the party's over: Finished are the salad days of billions of dollars in military supplies — including items like F-16s that have no real application in fighting terrorists — without any real accountability for how they are used.

Obama's early line in the sand has given a fillip to India's foreign policy actions in regard to the Mumbai attacks, writes the Times of India.

But there's still a long way to go. 

"Apart from words and sympathy, what India needs is action and results on two things. There should be strong action against those terrorists involved in the Mumbai attack, and all terror outfits operating in Pakistan should be disbanded,'' Defense Minister AK Antony told reporters.