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Will pub thugs pay off for Congress Party?

 "Corporate style interviews" and Rahul Gandhi drew more than 500 young people to queue up in front of the Congress Party offices in Karnataka to join its politics, reports India Today.  The magazine says the bumper turnout is a "shot in the arm" for the party, which has recently lost out to the rightward leaning Bharatiya Janata Party in the state, perhaps due to its position as the business-friendly, anti-caste-quotas party of the middle class.

But another aspect of the Congress/BJP contest may be drawing Karnataka's young people to the Congress.  With saffron-clad thugs beating up women caught drinking in pubs — and sparking a frenzy of circumspection in the media about India's self-appointed moral police — the young and upwardly mobile may finally have found an issue they can sink their teeth into.