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An interview with secret creator of Savita Bhabhi

After a bit of trolling through the fan pages, I managed to track down "Deshmukh," one of the creators, and a site administrator, of Savita Bhabhi, India's first porn sensation.

Here's a peek inside my interview notes:

What inspired you guys to start an online pornographic comic?
It just came out of the blue. We were a group of friends sitting together on a weekend having a few drinks and talking. As usual with a bunch of drunken young men, the topic shifted to women and sex. One of our non-Indian friends remarked that while Indian women were considered among the most sensuous in the world, we did not have a single really hot Indian porn star. That stirred up our discussion and we decided the next best thing to a real woman would be a toon porn star. One of my friends is an amateur artist and he came up with the first draft of SB. Initially there was a tossup between SB being a young Gujarati woman or a South Indian aunty. We went ahead and posted some threads on a forum asking people which they prefer. Savita as a young newly married woman won.

Why did you choose a "bhabhi" as your heroine?
Bhabhi is the Indian version of a MILF. Though in literal terms it means your “brother’s wife” — that is not the meaning here. For an Indian youngster his first fantasy is normally the newly married hot woman in the neighborhood who is referred to as a hot Bhabhi. Hence it seemed only natural that our hot heroine whom the entire neighborhood lusts after be called Savita Bhabhi.

How many hits or page views do you get in a month?
We get 60 million unique visitors every month. The average time a visitor spends on our site is more than 10 minutes.

Is the Savita Bhabhi craze going to last?

What is the general profile of your fans?  (i.e. what countries, age groups, etc)
Almost 70% of our traffic is from India, while the rest is from the U.S., U.K. and more than 80 other countries. SB has fans in almost all countries in the world and we’ve actually had translations sent to us in Mandarin and French among other languages. We had done a poll a few months ago, which showed 30% of our viewership as being women.

What are some of the best signs that Savita is a hit?  (e.g. Facebook groups in foreign countries, etc.)
SB has been covered in the press in Asia, Europe, and North America. A search for SB in Google results in 312,000 pages of which 99% have not been created by us. I have heard of social networking groups on Facebook, Orkut and other sites regarding SB.

It's interesting to me that Savita is a sexually mature woman who (mostly) takes control of the situations to please herself, rather than being exclusively the object of male desires.  Was that a conscious decision on the part of her creators?
Yes, it sure was. One of the reasons for creating SB was to also portray that Indian women have sexual desires too. India is a country which is still sexually repressed and I feel that for it to break the shackles, it is the women of India who are going to have to come out first. We are already seeing that in a way, and hopefully SB will do her bit to help in this revolution.

Why a comic, rather than some other medium?
For one, it is a unique medium in the context of Indian porn. We’ve had MMS’s, videos, stories, etc, but no porn comics. Also a comic allows us to explore the fantasy in a much more vivid way than any other medium.

What are your main influences for plots? — e.g. I see "building friends" and a Bachchan parody...

All SB plots are based on real life fantasies of our authors and fans. They are all something that a normal full blooded Indian male or female would be fantasizing about on their commute to work or a lazy evening at home. We get tons of email from fans detailing their fantasies and asking us if their fantasies can be converted into an SB toon. We try to keep all our plots fairly believable (for someone with a vivid imagination of course) and connected to everyday occurrences which could just lead into a sexual adventure! 

I noticed that there are various links to other pornography sites/downloads etc on the site.  Do you guys make money off Savita Bhabhi in any way?

Right now we don't make any money on SB, but we're planning to introduce some advertsing on it.  Not sure which links are you talking about? If they are links on the fanclub you are talking about, then those are just links/downloads posted by SB fans. All free stuff.