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Swami sex suspect arrested in India

India’s recently controversial god man Swami Nithyananda, 32, has been arrested in a remote hideaway in the mountainous Himachal Pradesh in northern India.

Nithyananda, who has a huge following in southern India where his ashram is based, came into the spotlight a few weeks ago when an explicit, secretly-recorded video said to be of the Swami canoodling with one of his disciples, an actor, was made public.

Since then, further allegations of more videos of his misdemeanors — unbecoming of a saintly man, some say — surfaced.

The police filed criminal charges. Nithyananda went missing saying he was seeking "spiritual seclusion" and then announced that he had resigned from his prosperous ashram in the suburbs of Bangalore.

But there was no let-up in the manhunt.

Cellphone use was the undoing of the Swami on the run, helping track him to his hideout. He has been arrested and is being brought back to Bangalore.

Police are now investigating the self-styled Swami for rape, cheating and criminal intimidation. Nothing godly about that.