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Fit for a king?

When you talk to a lot of people who’ve met King Abdullah II, they often emphasize how he tends to come off as extremely laid back. So as I was reporting today’s story about the king’s meeting with President Barack Obama, I was pleased to see that he’s apparently stayed true to form during his U.S. visit.

During a stopover in Baltimore, he got breakfast at a local diner that’s apparently a pretty run of the mill place, reports The Baltimore Sun. The restaurant, Miss Shirley’s, is not exactly the kind of place you’d imagine a king chilling out. Most dishes run about $12 or so, and from the pictures it appears to be just your average, perhaps slightly upscale family eatery.

The choice certainly seemed to baffle the Sun reporter:

This tidbit raises so many questions. I wonder how he ended up at Miss Shirley's?

Did he say he wanted to go to the National Aquarium and then try a real American breakfast? Who took him? Did the restaurant give him the best seat in the house?

If I find out more, I'll let you know.

I hope she finds out, but something tells me it was just the king being his usual, relaxed self that got him into Miss Shirley’s. Or maybe he lost his wallet and this was all he could afford until he presumably got a free lunch at the White House.