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What to do if you're possessed

Have your keys gone missing a few too many times, making you wonder if it's more than just forgetfulness? Are your electronics on the fritz? Do you often feel a cold draft when all the doors and windows are closed? You might have a jinn in your house. If you’re a believer in the supernatural, here’s some advice from jinn exorcist Mohammed al-Yafawi.

Don’t panic. Not all jinn are bad. As one jinn told the Prophet Mohamed in Surah Al-Jinn (Quran 72:11), “There are among us [jinns] some that are righteous, and some the contrary; we are groups each having a different way [religion].” Some people actually want to get possessed by a jinn or have one move into their house.

However, if your jinn is a sinner here are a few things you can do that might get rid of it:

— Read the Quran, Bible, or Torah aloud. In particular, bad jinn can’t stand the Surah al-Naas, the last chapter of the Quran. If you don’t know Arabic, you can read a translation, but it’s preferable if you can deliver it in Arabic, the language of the Quran. Here’s one translation of the Surah al-Naas.

— Burn specialized incense. If you can get your hands on whale extract, dried deer glands, or teak wood, among others, burn them and the jinn will leave. If you’re a smoker, beware. Jinns are attracted to cigarette smoke.

— Eat seven dates every morning. This won’t exactly protect you or your home from being possessed by a bad jinn, but if you start each day with seven dates, generally speaking,  al-Yafawi says it’s a good way to protect yourself from black magic. You can eat more if you’re a date fan, but consuming more than seven won’t offer you any additional protection.

All of these techniques will help, but dealing with jinn can be a tricky business, al-Yafawi says. Getting lasting results may take the hand of an experienced professional.