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War of the worlds?

There's a bit of awkward collar tugging going on in the small, desert town of Jafr this week after residents fell victim to an April Fool's Day joke last week.

A local newspaper ran a front page story on Apr. 1 about a UFO landing in the desert near Jafr, about 180 miles outside of Amman. The space shuttle brought down communications in the area and sent residents fleeing, reported Al Ghad newspaper.

Unfortunately, many residents either didn't get the joke or forgot it was Apr. 1, reports the Associated Press. Many frightened residents kept their children at home and out of school. The town's mayor, Mohammad Mleihan, sent security forces into the desert to search for aliens.

Mleihan was on the verge of enacting an official emergency plan and evacuating the town's 13,000 residents when he realized it was just a joke.

Though the paper's editor called the mayor to apologize and insists the prank was only meant to entertain, Mleihan told the Associated Press he is still considering suing Al Ghad for the stunt.