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Iranians protest in Boston

When Iran voted last week, Iranians in the United States also voted. According to the official count, the Iranians in Boston voted 89 percent for Mousavi.

Now, as people in Iran are demonstrating against the election results, charging that the victory for Ahmadinejad is a fraud, Iranians in Boston are also demonstrating. About 100 Iranians gathered at Harvard Square Sunday to protest the elections. They sang patriotic songs and shouted slogan such as "Ahmadinejad shame on you" and "Where's my vote?"

These Iranians in Boston are following events in Iran very closely, through the news media, but especially on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The Iranian government has blocked Facebook walls but people are finding ways to send out reports.

Iranians demonstrate in Boston

 Many of the demonstrators wore green or carried green posters to show support for Mousavi.

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