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Iran election: Friday in Tehran

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke at Tehran University on Friday, the Iranian weekend. But the political scene hasn’t been taking a rest. In an open letter, defeated presidential candidate Mehdi Karoubi asked the Guardian Council to annul the election and called for a new one, according to Reuters. It was Karoubi’s first official call for the annulment of the election, just hours after Khamenei called for calm and announced that “candidates would be responsible for any more bloodshed.”

In his letter, Karoubi criticizes claims that the uprising is backed by “foreign interventions” and says that those people are the “heart and soul of the country.”

Meanwhile Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, director of the General Inspection Organization, which was appointed to over see the elections in Iran, has asked Mousavi to “take into consideration the importance of unity for the sake of country’s stability,” according to the Student News Agency (ISNA). “Instead of inflaming the situation right now, it is wiser to wait for the official and legal results,” he added.

Reaction to Friday’s sermon is mixed in Tehran. Some see this as the starting point of reconciliation.

“People are going to be much more vigilant now that Khamenei has announced for people to calm down,” says Ali from Tehran. “The government hasn’t issued permission for any other rally, and that’s going to be used as an excuse for cracking down,” he adds.

On the other hand Zahra thinks that whatever the Supreme Leader says doesn’t undermine the fact that Ahmadinejad doesn’t have the support of a part of the population. “We’ve made our point, people have died, and there’s no denying of that,” she says.