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Why Poland

I got to Poland in 2003, where I work for the Financial Times. I've been a correspondent in the U.S. and in Russia and Central Asia, and have covered stories in places like Zimbabwe and Israel as well.

Poland has been an enormously interesting beat, as I've watched it join the EU in 2004, and begin to take its place among the rest of the nations in Europe after a very long absence. I write mainly about politics and economics, and try to look for angles that will illuminate the enormous changes that Poland is undergoing. A few months ago, I did something on the disappearance of the iconic "Maluch" car, a 600cc-engined Fiat, which had helped motorise Poland in the 1970s, and is now being supplanted with modern used cars imported from Germany.

The next year promises to be very interesting as well, with Poland in place to be one of the only economies in Europe to show any economic growth at all.  That doesn't mean that there will not be severe economic pain as joblessness rises, and important parts of the economy like housing and car manufacturing decline sharply.