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A supermodel's life in Russia

Naomi Campbell went on "Oprah" this week to talk about life in the Russian capital, which she has called home since her relationship with real estate tycoon Vladislav "Vlad" Doronin took off a couple of years ago.

Possibly Moscow's most famous immigrant, Campbell's appearance on the U.S. talk show got lots of coverage here in Russia, nearly all of it identical and headlined: "Oprah Winfrey Made Naomi Campbell Cry" (that happened when she started talking about why she's so damn violent, and again when she fulfilled a supposed childhood dream of dancing at the Bolshoi.)

Russia's tabloids are enamored with the feisty supermodel, and have universally dubbed her, unironically and unapologetically, "the black panther." Even the fashion magazines do it. Oh, Russia.

One of the best bits of the show came when Oprah confronted Vladislav, dutifully sitting in the audience, on the fact that he's still married (note Naomi's quick frown when Oprah calls him Vladimir — Russian names are confusing!). "Y'all don't get divorces in Russia?" Oprah asks, when Doronin calmly explains, over and over again, that he's been separated from his wife for 10 years. 

Late last month, tabloid reports here were abuzz with a supposed dinner thrown by the couple to announce their upcoming marraige. Some were even saying Naomi's pregnant, and planning to give birth in Russia (doubtful). No word on whether any of that's actually true. Or what sort of bizarre nickname the tabloid's would assign to the glamorous progeny.