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Report: Nuptials upcoming for Putin's daughter

The big news in Moscow Thursday was Vladimir Putin’s black eye. The tough premier showed up in Ukraine with a massive shiner, glistening under the TV lights despite tons of make-up.

An overactive judo match? Perhaps plastic surgery? The rumors ran wild.

Let me add my own: Did he brawl over his daughter’s upcoming marriage?

A South Korean newspaper reported Friday that Putin’s younger daughter, Katya, is due to marry the son of a Korean admiral who worked at his country’s embassy in Moscow in the late 1990s.

JoongAng Daily, a respected English language newspaper, cited an anonymous source as saying that the youngest son of admiral Yoon Jong-gu would marry Putin’s daughter (full name: Yekaterina Putina) “soon.”

The paper managed to reach Yoon, who said: “The couple will make an official announcement about their marriage. Please do not report their marriage now.”

Report it did, and went on to say that Putina, 23, is currently studying in the U.S. with her 25-year-old fiance. The paper says Putina will happily move to South Korea once the marriage is done.

This is all very weird. There’s a total media blockade on Putin’s two daughters (and even more on the illegitimate son he is widely believed to have fathered with gymnast Alina Kabaeva). Sometimes rumor says they’re studying in Germany, or vacationing with Silvio Berlusconi in Sardinia. But 99.9 percent of the time it’s as though they don’t even exist.

Sources told the paper that the couple met at a dance at an international school in Russia in summer of 1997. An official who worked at the Korean Embassy in Russia in 2007 told them: “When I was working in Russia, the couple’s love story was a hot issue. Many Russian people expected that the diplomatic relationship between Korea and Russia would be improved thanks to the couple’s love.”

If that’s how the thinking goes, maybe Putin’s elder daughter, Masha, should marry an American to keep the reset alive?