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30 minutes well spent ... in Senegal


As payment for my long absence from this notebook, I come bearing a gift . . .

Binta and the Great Idea (2004)

This short film contains so many wondrous slivers of Senegalese life — the music, the countryside, the difficulties, the generosity. It's beautifully made with a great twist at the end.

"Javier Fesser's live action short Binta and the Great Idea (a.k.a. "Binta y la Gran Idea") — a Spanish-Senegalese co-production — concerns Binta, a seven-year-old girl who lives with her fisherman father in a small village on the banks of Senegal's Casamance River. Binta is fortunate and blessed enough to be able to attend school and receive an education, but her cousin, Soda, lacks the same privilege. Binta's humanist father suddenly has an idea that could change the world and ease the suffering of mankind, and he determines to implement it."

— Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

The longer I spend in this part of the world, the more I see how essential a girl's education is to breaking the cycle of poverty and furthering not just women's rights but also the overall development of a country.

A  friend sent me a link to the film this morning and it's only right that I pass it on. Funny, uplifting and thought-provoking, this film is 30 minutes well-spent.

Click on the photo above or watch it free here.