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Protecting humans

Spain is set to change its 20-year-old abortion law. To counter increased social acceptance of abortion in traditionally Catholic Spain, the Bishops’ Council launched a campaign against the proposal for a draft bill with the slogan, “Protect My Life.”

Posters and pamphlets distributed in Catholic schools and parishes feature a photo of a baby crawling next to a lynx cub. A stamp over the cub reads, “Lynx: protected.” The baby asks, “And what about me?” Other photos in the leaflets — which will be distributed throughout 2009, which was designated the “Year of Prayer for Life” by Spain’s Catholic Subcommission for the Family and Defense of Life — include a whale, a turtle and an eagle. The message the Catholic hierarchy wants to spread is that species of flora and fauna are more protected than human life.

Jose Antonio Martinez Camino, the spokesman of the Bishops’ Council, said recently in a press conference, “If many animal species are highly protected, even under criminal law, why is the life of human beings less protected?”