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The Spanish press gives Obama mixed reviews

The Spanish media have focused on highlighting President Barack Obama’s high popularity rates in the U.S., while underscoring his style, “diametrically opposed” to his predecessor’s: pragmatism over ideology and willingness to listen before making a decision, abroad and at home.

Some dailies, such as El Periodico and El Mundo, define President Obama’s work on these first 100 days as “hyperactivity” in a positive way, while the conservative ABC points out he has done “nothing deserving praise.”

His order to close Guantanamo and his plans for the economy are the two policies most mentioned by Spanish analysts. The possible investigation of those responsible for tortures in Guantanamo and the injection of money in the economy are two of the most divisive issues,  according to analysts.

Guantanamo torture is a hot topic in Spain because a Spanish Court is considering whether to open an investigation on six former Bush administration officials.

In an editorial, the leading daily El Pais says President Obama’s measures to help the economy establish a different scale of values in American society, but ABC states the crisis has not changed Americans’ philosophy of fierce individualism and distrust of the centralized government.

Obama's efforts to improve the image of the U.S. in the world are commended by some analysts. Castro and Ahmadineyad will not change suddenly but “at least they will not be able to blame all their problems on US arrogance and unilateralism,” reads El Mundo’s editorial. But ABC warns that some conflicts cannot be solved with smiles.

Bush’s “bad heritage and bad memories” are helping Obama, affirms El Periodico. In a survey conducted on El Pais website by 11 a.m. 45 percent of the readers gave him an A, while 38 percent gave him a B. El Mundo argues that it would have been very difficult for President Obama to solve the numerous troubles in these 100 days but contends that he has not made errors to raise suspicion about his capacity to solve problems either.