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Dogs dressed for Thai cold snap

As I type this, the sun is setting on a hazy 84-degree evening. That's a touch warm for this month, it seems -- temperatures hit just below 60 degrees exactly one week ago. This is Thailand's cold season and for people of my tender complexion — think Conan O'Brien — this is weather at its finest.

The rest of Thailand disagrees. The commuter trains are jammed with teenagers in hoodies. College kids are accesorizing their school uniforms with thick scarves. Just this week, fellow Global Post correspondent Pailin Wedel spotted a little girl wearing pink ear muffs. It seems that everyone is freezing but me.

Now, even Bangkok's stray dogs are layering up for those brutal 75-degree nights.  In this piece, I explained the kindness Bangkok Thais extend to strays.  Guess who's dressing the canine homeless in T-shirts to keep them warm?

These dogs were spotted by the Saphan Taksin bridge. Perhaps their new streetwear came from the motorbike taxi drivers who hang there. They seemed to know all the street dog gossip: whose puppy belong to which mom, the whereabouts of the deadbeat dad and so on.

The record-breaking cold spell is actually no joke, especially in the northern hinterlands. Associated Press reports that three people, including a monk, have died from falling temperatures.