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Wanna throw shoes at Thai soldiers? Apply here.

Pop quiz — Were the red-clad protesters who rioted in Bangkok this month:

A. Crusading "have nots" who valiantly rose up to topple  Thailand's entrenched elites?

B. Violent hayseeds who will support any politician corrupt enough to pay them off?

If you chose B, you might enjoy this mock application to join the anti-establishment Red Shirt movement, which recently staged a mini-revolt in Bangkok. (For Thai readers, here's the original version.)

If you chose A, and just clicked on that link, you're probably punching your monitor right now.

Of all the academic ponderings and online rants I've read about these protesters, nothing so succinctly encapsulates how a certain faction of urban, educated Thais view them.

The satirical form to join the Red Shirts — who mostly hail from Thailand's rural rice-farming regions — asks applicants to check off their "special skills": kicking soldiers, howling loudly or slapping women.

Under the "What qualities to you look for in a good prime minister?" heading, applicants can choose "has the soul of a killer of 2,500 men."

The fake form has been circulated by e-mail and posted to a Thai news site owned by the leader of a rival political faction that despises anti-establishment protesters and their favored politicians.

That English translation was graciously posted to Thai 101, an impressive blog on Thai language. (The blog's proprieter admits in the "About" section to spending 10 minutes in Thai bathroom stalls trying to transcribe graffiti. I suddenly feel less weird.)