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Disaffected Thai protesters: Hot or not?

As Thailand's red-vs.-yellow political factions have quarreled over the kingdom's future, I've heard arguments based on economics, justice, national stability and a lot else.

But every now and then, on the web at least, their argument deteriorates to this: Which band of street protesters has the best-looking ladies?

I spotted the first online claim to having attractive protesters late last year. It was this YouTube video — a slideshow of females protesting with the pro-establishment People's Alliance for Democracy. They're better known as the "yellow shirts" and you might remember their dramatic storming of Bangkok's airports in November.

(If you're curious about the soundtrack, it's a warbling quasi-salsa freejam recorded live at the prime minister's compound, which the yellow shirts had also seized at the time.)

Now a claim to hotness from the anti-government "red shirts," more long-windedly known as the United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship.

The pro-red website CBN Press maintains a gallery of female protesters under a heading that translates to "Red Shirts also have beauties." (Doesn't the "also" sound a little defensive?) Just click the link and scroll down the left-hand side to find your red-shirt beauty. And when you're ready for a new one, just refresh the page and the next anti-establishment glamour shot will appear.

Oh, and there's this performance, filmed at a massive rally, of a red shirt leader struggling through the original Thai country ballad, "I Love Red Shirt Girls." (It looks to have driven the red shirt ladies mad.)

However, there will be no need to end this debate with a raucous beauty pageant. Coca-Cola has a simpler cure for Thailand's political indigestion.

You guessed it. It involves drinking lots and lots of Coke.

This ad, titled "More Fun If We Join Together," depicts Thai strangers of all stripes spontaneously grouping up for a Coke and a smile.

Featured prominently is a scene where a guy in a red shirt and his yellow-clad counterpart eye each other suspiciously — but then shrug off their differences over a delicious, fizzy Coke. The clip was even filmed at Bangkok's Victory Monument, the scene of low-grade riots and an Army crackdown just months ago.

Isn't that just ... beautiful?