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For Britain's Prince Harry, Sunday was one of those days when it just wasn't worth getting out of bed. You almost hope the guy had a blinding hangover. Because the news stands all over the country were full of massive headlines about him.

"Harry's Racist Video Shame" blared the headline in Rupert Murdoch's tabloid News of the World with a link to a video in which he uses the racial slur Paki on a south Asian officer trainee and refers to another soldier wearing desert camouflage as a "raghead." The video was made in 2006 when the Prince, third in line to the British throne, was an active duty soldier en route to training as a combat helicopter pilot.

In the great tradition of the British Press once the News of the World scoop was published all the other tabloids changed their front pages But it wasn't just the tabloids who swarmed over this story like flies on a dirty picnic table. The broadsheet press led with the story as well. The Times rousted out quotes from political leaders including the Conservative Party's David Cameron, who called the racist slur "completely unacceptable."

This isn't the first time the Prince's need for sensitivity training has been exposed. The year before the video was made he attended a costume party dressed as a Nazi officer. His popularity plummeted in the wake of that scandal and that can be dangerous. Popularity is a critical part of the survival of the Royal Family in modern Britain. Their lifestyle is funded by the taxpayer and those who pay the freight for its lavishness expect them to behave inside their gilded fishbowl.

Since the video was made Harry has served a combat tour in Afghanistan's Helmand Province, not a soft assignment. It is possible his brief career in the army has matured him. But he clearly has problems in choosing his friends. Someone close to him had to make that video available to the News of the World. It's unlikely this will end up being much more than a personal embarrassment to the Prince. In Britain most people long ago reached the conclusion that the boy can't help it.