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LONDON, U.K. — Every Odyssey has a final chapter:

I finally made it back to London today, Friday. All systems ran smoothly (despite taking off nearly an hour late from JFK). Fighting jet lag but got quickly back into normal routine.

I am lucky. My daughter's kindergarten teacher is still stuck in India where an Easter holiday visit to her sister is slowly turning into a permanent assignment. Some people may be trapped abroad into May, thanks to the shoot itself in both feet business sense of loss-making British Airways, as reported in today's Guardian.

Election fever is jostling with spring fever for the public's attention. The second debate among the leaders of the three major parties took place Thursday night (I watched the event online in New York before heading to the airport). Something historic is afoot here. An undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the choice offered by the Conservatives and Labour which has been building for the best part of two decades has blossomed into something like an outright voter rebellion. The Liberal democrats Nick Clegg has promoted himself well in these debates, combined with a sparkling performance by his treasury spokesman Vince Cable in an earlier debate has raised the Lib Dems in the course of the few weeks I've been away to the status of almost equals. This election cannot be predicted and will go to the wire.

It's good to be with my family and wonderful to have a news story just outside my front door ... one that looks like it will run for a couple of weeks and possibly longer.