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Zimbabwe's prime minister booed in London

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was loudly jeered in London over the weekend by a large group of Zimbabwean exiles, according to AFP.

When Tsvangirai began speaking to a group of Zimbabweans at London's Southwark Cathedral, he urged them to return to Zimbabwe. They responded with boos. They heckled him and said that they would not return until President Robert Mugabe was out of office. They shouted they would not be safe and held up banners saying "Mugabe must go." Tsvangirai was so overwhelmed he folded his speech and sat down.

London is Tsvangirai's last stop of a two-week tour of the U.S. and Europe. Throughout his tour he has met a lukewarm response. U.S. President Barack Obama and others have told Tsvangirai, the former opposition leader, that they must see the new power-sharing government, that he has joined with Mugabe, return Zimbabwe to the rule of law and sound economic policies.

Despite Tsvangirai's efforts, Obama and others do not want to give substantial amounts of new financial assistance as long as Mugabe is still in control. Tsvangirai is scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday.