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Wimbledon: Day one (PHOTOS)

Highlights from the Men's and Women's Singles round one matches from London.

Wimbledon: Day one (PHOTOS)

LONDON, United Kingdom — Cancellations abounded on the first day of Wimbledon, but 31 matches were completed before the weather caused delays. In the men's singles, Spain's Rafael Nadal defeated the USA's Michael Russell, while in the women's singles, Venus Williams had an easy victory over Akgul Amanmuradova from Uzbekistan, according to CNN.

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Rain delays held up afternoon play, with fifteen matches in progress when the rain began, Reuters reported. The Center Court's retractable roof covered Fracesca Schiavone's match against Jelena Dokic, which Schiavone won, but organizers later supsended or postponed the rest of the day's schedule, reported the Los Angeles Times.