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Milan: Men's fashion week (PHOTOS)

New masculine styles highlighted in shows of top designers in Italy.

Milan: Men's fashion week (PHOTOS)

MILAN — Men’s fashion week kicked off on June 18th, displaying the 2012 summer-spring collections of fashion's biggest names on the ramp in over 39 shows. Famous brands include Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Missoni, Etro and Versace. 

The exclusive Gentleman’s club style tuxedos by Gucci, the bold floral patterned golf-attire by Prada and Missoni’s knitwear raised some eyebrows, according to the Washington Post. The Olympics is also a popular inspiration, in both Missoni and Vivienne Westwood’s new collections. 

Other designers showing in Milan include Burberry, and Alexander McQueen, while Italy's own fashion legend Giorgio Armani closed up the shows on Tuesday with a relaxed summer look featuring in his new collection. 

(From GlobalPost: Hottest Torsos at men's fashion week in Milan)