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Northern Ireland's Troubles a part of Belfast's landscape (PHOTOS)

Once threatening symbols of paramilitary control, Belfast’s murals are now a tourist attraction.

Northern Ireland's Troubles a part of Belfast's landscape (PHOTOS)

During two nights of sectarian rioting in Belfast, Northern Ireland, hundreds of masked youths hurled bricks, bottles and gasoline bombs. Three people were left with gunshot wounds.

Catholic and Protestants rioters threw rocks, fireworks and petrol bombs, and a press photographer was shot in the leg.

Northern Ireland police believe the loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Volunteer Force instigated the violence.

GlobalPost's Conor O'Clery writes that the sudden eruption of street riots in Belfast has shocked those who thought Northern Ireland had entered a new era of peace and reconciliation.

Kristian Hildonen took these photos of murals in Northern Ireland during a visit in March.

The AP filed this video report on the latest violence.