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The Duchess Diaries: Kate Middleton's new life (PHOTOS)

Glimpses of the life of newlywed Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton.

The Duchess Diaries: Kate Middleton's new life (PHOTOS)

LONDON — Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William have tied the knot, her life has changed from being just Will's girlfriend Kate to Duchess Catherine of Cambridge.  

Along with the title comes responsibilities, and let's face it, beautiful outfits.  

Kate now has Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as her personal adviser on how to cope with life as a member of the royal family, according to The Daily Mirror. The two have developed a close relationship and have been seen out to lunch together and at social events in the past month.  

Fashionistas say that Kate always looks marvelous in public, but she is known to cherish her private life with her hubby Prince William. Taking advantage of their newlywed status as time for themselves, Will and Kate have decided to live most of the time in their secluded estate in North Wales, reports The Daily Mail.  The rented farmhouse is 750 pounds ($1,200) a month and is very hidden from the public.  

That makes it more exciting when photographers capture Kate in public, wearing her chic dresses and donning those one-of-a-kind hats!