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Social Media Power Index: Capital Cities

Which capital cities have the most social media cred?

Social Media Power Index: Capital Cities

No matter how pathetic a city is there is someone out there who is proud of it.

People, in fact, often tend to be more intensely proud of a city the more pathetic it is (Michael Moore and Detroit comes to mind). But when measuring the popularity of a city, the "hip" ones always win out. For not only do those that were born in those cities, say New York or Paris, have pride in them but so do those that have moved there or have spent a weekend there and had the "time of their lives" or whatever.

But what about your country's capital? How many Americans have "liked" Washington, DC on their Facebook pages? Answer: Not nearly as many as have "liked" Lima, Peru or Amman, Jordan or about 20 other capital cities.

(See: Social Media Power Index map for capital cities)

What's the deal? Why so lame DC? Islamabad, ranked No. 10 worldwide, is practically homecoming queen compared to you.

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