Kate Middleton's Marilyn Monroe mishap (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton has a Marilyn Monroe moment while posing with her husband, Prince William, and Canadian soldiers at the airport in Calgary, Canada on July 7, 2011.

Throughout their 12-day tour of North America, Kate Middleton and Prince William dressed perfectly for each occasion and showed their impeccable planning for the trip.

But Kate wasn't prepared for one thing: the Canadian wind. 

Just minutes after arriving in Calgary, Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were greeted by gusts of wind that blew up Kate's dress and gave her the "Marilyn Monroe effect."  

While speaking with Canadian soldiers at the Calgary airport, Kate's casual canary-yellow dress blew up in the back, nearly revealing her backside. The pictures of Kate's billowing dress are reminiscent of the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe's dress blowing up revealingly in the movie "The Seven Year Itch."  

Like a seasoned member of the royal family, Kate maintained her grace and modesty during the mild windstorm. The Duchess was able to accept flowers from a little girl and walk the airport runway with her hubby without any serious wardrobe malfunctions from the wind.  

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