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Yes, we understand there are some stories in the world slightly more important than Kate Middleton (think: revolution in the Middle East, economic crisis in Europe). That said, there are few โ€” if any โ€” people we would rather obsess over. This page is for all things Kate.

Is Kate Middleton too thin? (PHOTOS)

The new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, appears to be thinner than ever.

Is Kate Middleton too thin? (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton caught the eye of millions of people worldwide not only for her beauty, but her “average girl” fairytale story. As an independent, intelligent woman who became a princess, Kate has become an icon for little girls who dream of a fairy tale romance. But has Kate's new public life as a princess been eating away at the woman she used to be? 

Many say yes. In recent photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s North American tour, Kate appears to be dwindling dangerously down in size, and she risks becoming a "thinspiration" for girls suffering with anorexia and bulimia, reports Today Health.  

Kate lost so much weight before the wedding that she had to have her engagement ring resized and even said losing weight was ‘all part of the plan,’ reported the New York Post. Many researchers say losing more weight cannot be part of the plan of becoming pregnant soon. Doctors say Kate’s weight is at the line between fertility and infertility. With more weight loss, it will become more difficult to produce an heir to the throne, which Prince Philip said would be the best gift he could be given for his 90th birthday, according to Kate's friends

Becoming a princess does add stress. Kate must always look thin and chic. The late Princess Diana, who was William’s mother, struggled with bulimia from the time she was married until her death. Many hope that since Will grew up with his mother’s eating disorder, he will not let the same effects of royal life plague his wife.

On her wedding day Kate was 5’10 and weighed just about 100 pounds, according to a Buckingham palace report. Since her wedding, it appears she has grown even thinner and is down to 95 pounds, reports Hollywood Life.  

Well-wishers believe any weight loss is simply a result of the extreme pressure Kate is under to look fabulous in public and to represent the British royal family well. Perhaps with the North American tour behind her, Kate will have the time to enjoy a private married life where she will gain a little weight and get back to a healthier size. After all, if the criticizing continues, analysts say, it will only add to the pressure Kate may already be under to become pregnant.

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