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Christmas in July at Harrods

Harrods launches its Christmas 2011 collection in July.

Christmas in July at Harrods

Santa Claus seems to be a little confused. Instead of climbing down a chimney, he was spotted ice skating on top of Harrods Department Store in London. On top of that spectacle, he's five months early.

So is Harrods, with the launch of its new Christmas World display, "A Chrystal Christmas." 

With 151 days to go before Christmas and a good 100 days before Christmas shopping begins, Harrods opened this happy world full of ornaments, figurines and any Christmas trinket imaginable. 

Why so early? Harrods says there is a high demand for Christmas items all year round.

The legendary department store is a landmark in London that tourists and shoppers flock to while visiting the city. It seems many want to take home a piece of Harrods with them, and they like something they can showcase on their Christmas tree year after year.

As July is their busiest month, Harrods thought it would be best to give this perfect Christmas gift to tourists a few months early. 

Aside from merchandise, "A Crystal Christmas" at Christmas World also serves Christmas ice cream flavors such as mince pie and Christmas pudding, according to My Daily. 

Across the city, Harrods competitor, Selfridges, didn't want to be a day late in the competition so they officially opened their Christmas collection as well.