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Sharks bite around the world (PHOTOS)

As the summer crowds head for the beach ... sharks can lurk in the deep.

Sharks bite around the world (PHOTOS)

Sharks instill terror in swimmers around the world.

The big, finned fish with monstrous jaws and razor sharp teeth frighten many from Cape Cod to Cape Town as well as Australia. 

The television series "Shark Week" successfully taps the way we love to be frightened by sharks. 

Discovery Channel’s 34th season of "Shark Week" begins Sunday July 31. The week-long shark extravaganza will be hosted by SNL’s Andy Samberg, who has dubbed himself the “Chief Shark Officer.” Samberg will not only host the series but is set to swim with the sharks in the Bahamas.

Among other programs featured during the week are Rogue Sharks, Killer Sharks and Jaws Comes Home.

"Shark Week" has become such a phenomenon in its 34-season run that some people plan their entire week around the series. In one Washington Post column, Alexandra Petri calls for the U.S. government to finalize the debt ceiling debates so we can all focus on "Shark Week."

“But Shark Week is holy,” Petri writes. “And if this debate continues, we won’t be able to focus properly.”