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Somali refugees flee famine and war (PHOTOS)

Desperate Somali refugees seek food at Kenya's overcrowded Dadaab camp.

Somali refugees flee famine and war (PHOTOS)

On the brink of starvation, thousands of Somali refugees flee their homelands to make the perilous trek to the overcrowded Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya where they still find themselves without shelter. There's just not enough room for everyone. 

And the situation is only going to get worse. Millions of lives are at stake as the famine spreads to southern parts of Somalia in the next few weeks. Famine, a result of the drought, threatens 12.5 million people across the Horn of Africa. With the spread of the famine and a lack of humanitarian aid, six more regions of Somalia are expected to be at famine levels soon.

The drought has left millions going hungry in neighboring countries of Eritrea, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and parts of Uganda, but only two regions of Somalia have been officially called famine regions. That's because these two areas are controlled by the anti-government Islamic extremist group, Al Shabaab. Protesting any outside aid, the terrorists have destroyed nearly all supplies sent to drought victims in the areas they control.  

Humanitarian groups are sending food, water and clothing to refugee camps where the Somali refugees are arriving in masses too large to be properly housed within Dadaab's three large settlements. The lucky refugees who have survived up to 10 days of waiting for registration outside the camp find other dangers inside the camp. With such close quarters and a lack of sanitation, refugees find themselves at risk of contracting polio, measles and other diseases. There are vaccinations for children at the camp but these supplies are limited as well.