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Tensions are high across the Tibetan plateau, an area that spans a quarter of China. At least 21 monks and nuns have set themselves on fire in protest of China's rule over the last year. GlobalPost takes you to ethnically Tibetan parts of China, where the mood may be quiet but each self-immolation reverberates.

Photos: Tibetans in Sichuan

Tibetan Buddhists find ways to carry forbidden pictures of the Dalai Lama.

Photos: Tibetans in Sichuan

SICHUAN, Tibetan plateau, China — Though not part of China's officially designated Tibet Autonomous Region, Sichuan is an ethnically Tibetan part of the country.

Most of the nearly two dozens Tibetan monks and nuns who have self-immolated since February 2009 were located in Sichuan.

The town of Ngaba, located in Sichuan, has seen 13 of 21 confirmed self-immolations in the last year alone. Most of the monks and nuns who lit themselves on fire died.

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