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Protesters gather at Supreme Court for health care debate (PHOTOS)

Supporters and protesters picketed the Supreme Court Monday morning as justices began a constitutional review of Obama's health care reform.

Protesters gather at Supreme Court for health care debate (PHOTOS)

The Supreme Court will begin hearing challenges against the Affordable Care Act today, as supporters and protestors voiced their passions outside the courthouse and on the Twittersphere (search #SCOTUS).

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The constitutional review of the health-care overhaul will last six hours over the next three days. Justices today will hear arguments considering a fundamental question of timing: Can the Court make a decision at this time? It turns out that an obscure 19th-century law — the Anti-Injunction Act — means that the court might not be able to pass judgment on the law until its key provisions, those regarding tax collection, go into effect in 2015.

Interested parties, however, would like a decision as soon as possible, with a ruling expected in late-June in the middle of a pivotal presidential campaign. The decision has the possibility of becoming a central campaign issue in the fall.