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India-Pakistan: Tensions at the border (PHOTOS)

India and Pakistan are treading softly as tensions rise at the border.

India-Pakistan: Tensions at the border (PHOTOS)

Tensions along the India-Pakistan border have been rising this week, with Pakistan calling for an investigation into repeated violations by Indian soldiers on Friday.

Pakistan's Foreign Office called on high commissioner of India, Sharat Sabharwal, to protest the killing of one of its soldiers, CNN reported.

The border between the rival countries, known as the Line of Control (LoC), has been a historical flashpoint.

Earlier this month, Pakistani troops accused Indian forces of killing one of their soldiers. Two days later, India claimed that Pakistani forces had killed and mutilated two Indian soldiers.

Pakistani officials called for an investigation into the incidents, alleging that India's accusations were propaganda.

Despite the current ceasefire, in effect since 2003, the unfriendly neighbors have seen such violations repeatedly.