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After mega-crash Daytona speeds ahead

Despite Saturday's Daytona 500 crash that injured dozens of fans, the race will go ahead on Sunday.

After mega-crash Daytona speeds ahead

After a horrific car crash at the NASCAR Nationwide series injured dozens of fans on Saturday, Daytona says Sunday's race will go ahead as planned. 

On the last lap of the Nationwide Series, a collision caused driver Kyle Larson's car to split in half and become lodged in the protective fence that separates fans from the track.

"If fans are unhappy with...their seating location or if they have any incidents, we would relocate them. We will treat that area like we do every other of the grandstand," Daytona International Speedway president Joei Chitwood told Reuters

"If a fan is not comfortable where they are sitting, we make every accommodation we can," he said.