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Displaced Somalis suffer in camps

Human Rights Watch released a report on Wednesday, detailing the abuse displaced Somalis suffer in camps meant to provide safety and shelter.

Displaced Somalis suffer in camps

They fled to war-torn Mogadishu in 2011 to escape famine. But now, according to a new Human Rights Watch report, many Somalis suffer abuse, even sexual violence, at the hands of those who run the camps for the internally displaced. 

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The report, titled "Hostages of the Gatekeepers," shows how state security forces and armed groups "have raped, beaten, and otherwise abused displaced Somalis," Human Rights Watch said in its press release.  

One resident told Human Rights Watch about his family's urgent situation:

“There is nothing worse than the situation we are in. Now all we want is to get a car and return to our villages, because if I can die here because of lack of food, I might as well die in my village, because death is death.” 

Here's a look at some of the people living in camps for the displaced in Mogadishu.