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Here's who really runs Delhi, India (SLIDESHOW)

Delhi-wallahs will cut your hair, fix your clothes and even recycle your unwanted stuff.

Here's who really runs Delhi, India (SLIDESHOW)

NEW DELHI, India — The Delhi-wallah – or Delhi guy – comes in all manner of varieties.

There's the kabadi-wallah (recycling guy), press-wallah (ironing guy), and even the nariyalpanni-wallah (coconut juice guy).

That's no surprise. About half of all working Indians are self-employed, according to the latest countrywide socioeconomic survey.

What might come as a shock are the ingenious ways that Delhi-wallahs find to make a living, even without a roof over their heads – and the tiny sums they earn for their hard work. Depending on the size of their households, everyone in this slideshow is flirting with the World Bank's $1.25-a-day poverty line.