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Europe's Roma face hatred, discrimination, evictions

Once again, the Roma have become everyone’s favorite scapegoat.

Europe's Roma face hatred, discrimination, evictions

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Wherever one looked in Europe this summer, there was bad news for the Roma people — the gypsies — and it's prompting concern that hardening attitudes are making life more difficult for some of the continent’s most disadvantaged people.

In the Slovak city of Kosice — chosen as a European capital of culture this year — residents erected a 6-foot wall to segregate a Roma neighborhood.

August saw police battle with hundreds of far-right protesters who tried to storm Roma districts in towns across the Czech Republic.

Three men were sentenced for life in Hungary for a string of racist attacks that killed six Roma, including a 5-year-old boy.

Farther west, there were high-profile cases of Roma evictions in Italy, France and the Netherlands.

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